Paul Bengel Company - A History

The 1940s were a decade defined by war-a war that freed the world from the grips of global economic depression. Suddenly the need for raw materials, production lines and a skilled workforce was everywhere. And from this sudden surge in war production, Paul Bengel Company was born.

Paul Bengel founded his company to install plumbing for the numerous war factories that were springing up across the state of Michigan. As the war had come to an end and a new era of growth and prosperity was ushered in, Paul Bengel Company continued to thrive as the plumbing installer for new commercial and industrial buildings. In 1965, Mr. Bengel entered retirement, and passed the managing reigns to his son-in-law, Fred Stephens.

Mr. Bengel continued to hold ownership of his company from retirement until his death in 1980. After his passing, Mr. Stephens inherited Paul Bengel Company to become full owner and manager. Long time employee Jerry Jehnzen, who had been with the company since 1965, worked along side Mr. Stephens until 1988, when he decided to purchase the business from him.

Mr. Jehnzen is the current owner and manager of Paul Bengel Company, and holds a number of licenses and certifications. He is joined by many other long time employees who hold many of the same certifications, and have over 100 collective years of experience.